Project 366 / 304 — Me, myself and I

I’m my own worst enemy. I’m also my greatest ally. I have flaws aplenty and wants, needs and desires that I have to keep in check otherwise they’d take over my life.

I think I’m in control when really I don’t even know what control is. I’m kept on the straight and narrow by being accountable to people. Left to my own devices I’d be lost.

I have great willpower one minute and none the next. My angels and demons weigh my shoulders down like boulders of iron crushing my body. Yet I excel under pressure, revelling and exceeding expectations when suffocated by responsibility.

I don’t celebrate myself, don’t reward myself and don’t congratulate myself. I never think I’ve made it, I’ve never acted like I had it and I always think I’m going to lose it. I’m striving to survive and striving to provide.

I hope for everything but want for nothing.

I hate letting people down but am constantly let down. I’m dedicated, I’m honest and I never switch off. I’m constantly creating, thinking and planning. I’m tired but energised — I’m a contradiction to myself.

I’m an entrepreneur.

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