Project 366 / 340 — The education system and what could be

Is the current education system broken? Is it antiquated, backward thinking and nowadays destined to fail nearly everyone going through it? Does it need a complete overhaul?

Everything in life gets an overhaul. Everything gets modernised, revised, re-done and reviewed yet the education system doesn’t seem to. The practices being taught today are the same as those taught back in the 70’s and 80’s. The world is different now and it is time that the education system was changed to reflect this.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you want to become a doctor, lawyer, scientist or any of those kind of professions then higher education is vital. I believe that the brain matures and becomes ready to not only learn more complicated rhythms but understand the patterns. I think that the majority of people just aren’t ready and don’t have the mental patience to take this kind of information on.

But for the rest of us, staying at school into our mid 20’s is a waste of time, effort and money. Students are leaving university with degrees, yes, but also massive student loan debts which take years to repay. Repayments like these eat up the reserves which would otherwise be (hopefully) going towards getting on the property ladder.

I left school at 16 and bought my first house within 5 years. My sister did much the same. I was an average student at best and lower than average the rest of the time. After 15 I didn’t learn or wasn’t taught anything that I’ve ever needed since. School for me from that point was a waste of time. It became this one-size-fits-all kind of education with the problem that I didn’t fit.

I wasn’t just another brick in the wall.

We weren’t taught life skills; how to cook, how to manage money or a house, how to budget, how to negotiate, how business works or what responsibilities we’d be faced with in the outside world. Everything from 16 was a baptism of fire whereas I don’t think it should be like that.

The education system has the opportunity of turning this countries school leavers into the next world leaders. If only we’d educate them in the way of the world, how working together we can achieve anything, how to trade internationally, how to buy and sell, how trading works, simple politics, economics and relationships. If we want the UK to have the next Steve Jobs then we need to be educating, inspiring and providing for our teenagers accordingly.

Look at the Olympics. After London 2012 the government ploughed millions upon millions into our sporting infrastructure, and the result? Team GB had the most successful Olympic games ever in Rio 2016. It’s no co-incidence, it’s the result of investment and effort. And if the same investment and effort was put into our educational system then I believe that Britain could be Great once again.

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