Project 366 / 341 — Santa, magic and Christmas

The legend of Father Christmas is a precious one. It’s a wonderful tale that we tell our children from the moment they are born and we keep the magic going as long as we possibly can. Reece is 9 and Lincoln is 5 and my wife and I kind of know that sadly this is probably going to be the last Father Christmas Christmas, if you get what I mean.

The problem is other children. Reece is possibly the last one in his class to still believe and we are doing everything we can to keep it going for just one more year. His friends shout their mouths off in a hierarchal manner, dispelling magic and changing beliefs without a care in the world. Little do they know that one day they’ll be parents themselves and will be watching the magic of Christmas glowing in their children’s faces and praying that maybe, just maybe, they can keep the magic going for another year.

Lincoln still firmly believes but his heart will be broken only too soon. The other children in his class are already casting doubt in his mind and once his older brother doesn’t believe then it’s just a matter of time until he convinces his brother of the same.

It’s sad really. I remember the year when I stopped believing. My parents had wrapped up one of my presents in a Highland Spring Water box, something that we had delivered at home every month, and without a word at that moment everything changed.

Once Christmas loses it’s magic it doesn’t come back until you are well into adulthood and probably not until you have children of your own. Once the veil is lifted the commercial aspect is revealed Christmas isn’t the same again.

Ultimately Christmas is for children and a time of wonder and magic but it’s also a time for rest and reflection, for eating and drinking and a time for friends and family. There’s a warmth about December Winter; whether it’s because of the open fires, the warm mulled wine, hats, coats and scarves or just the warmth of having those you love gathered around you for a few festive days.

The January Winter is a different one, it feels colder, darker and less welcoming so enjoy the next few weeks before the promises of the new year begins.

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