Project 366 / 349 — Odds, evens and wagons

We’ve almost made another trip around the sun. So when the year is up and you stop and look back over your shoulder what are you going to think? What are you going to be proud of? Had you made that promised progress? Have you adapted and changed with the times? Has your 12 months of evolution been positive?

There’s a lot of talk about 2016 being a bad year. Like the year has anything to do with anything. My wife swear by odds and evens — she doesn’t like odd numbered years and clearly favours even numbered years, stressing that the odd numbered ones never quite go as well.

Yes there have been an unprecedented number of celebrity deaths this year, plus Brexit and Trumps triumph, terrorism, Syria, Iraq, the Zika virus, ISIS, earthquakes, tsunami’s… the list goes on. But when you drag yourself away from the computer screen with the misguided impression that this has been a deadlier year than usual, you’ll come to find, in fact, that everyone (including celebrities) are living longer, healthier lives.

If you don’t watch the news you’re not informed.

If you watch the news you’re mis-informed.

But I digress. Surely the point of living is to learn and improve. To strive and succeed. To challenge and to overcome. The time will pass anyway, being a procrastinator is only fooling yourself. So if you promised you’d do something 12 months ago and failed then now’s the time to revisit those promises.

The road that we travel in life is a bumpy ride full of potholes, crevices, slopes and obstacles and we’re riding a rickety, unstable and unreliable wagon. We’re bound to fall off from time to time. We’re bound to get stuck every now and again. And we’re bound to get lost every so often. It doesn’t matter. Every turn of the wheel provides the opportunity to learn. The longer we ride the smarter we can become. All you’ve got to do is get back up, dust yourself down and jump back on. It’s as simple as that.