Project 366 / 8Food scares and dieting

So the top story in the news today is yet another food cancer scare. This time – alcohol.

So let’s just get this right… Whatever you do, do not eat bacon, eggs, red meat, cheese, chocolate, fruit, bread, cereal, butter, sugar, crisps, biscuits, chips, salt, peanuts, grains, even salmon and don’t drink tea, coffee, tap water, milk, fruit juice and now alcohol.

Now whilst I am sure that these types of yo-yo conflicting reports pass the vast majority of the population by but I can’t help but being mildly irritated by them. Surely it is obvious that a little of everything is ok – everything in moderation, remember? Cancer is a dreadful, traumatic and devastating disease and scares the hell out of everyone. I feel that the reality is that cancer is a lottery. It is a gene mutation, it’s something that you may be heredity pre-disposed to get. Of course your lifestyle does have an impact but I believe only in the extreme. Those chain smoking, alcohol guzzling, full fat feasting coach potatoes, well they are testing the limits of their genes.

My advice? Don’t rely on too many meal replacement powders, try and eat a balanced diet, get your vitamins and minerals from your food, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, rest, get fresh air and don’t beat yourself up when you have a take-away or a few drinks too many.

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