Project 366 / 81 — Judging people

What seemed to be a lifetime ago (ie before kids) my wife used to say “comfort is nothing, style is everything” as she tottered about in the most uncomfortable, yet stylish shoes whilst being suffocated in the most gorgeous figure hugging clothes.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” they say, but we do. Constantly. And that’s the reason we spend money on looking good. We want people to notice how good we look as the way society treats us is based on our image above everything else. Yes when we look good we feel good and we’re more confident. But that confidence tends to be borne from admiration and acknowledgement.

I had a telephone meeting this morning from an IT company that we’ve placed some business with. Part of their spiel included their “what we do for you” and up popped a picture of the spotty teenager I was talking to. Ok so he wasn’t spotty and he probably wasn’t a teenager but he was obviously far too young to know what he was talking about. Or was he?

I wasn’t that dismissive in what he said, it just wasn’t relevant and so I told him so. Besides he was wasting my most valuable asset — my time.

Next was a CV for an apprentice position that I’m advertising. The applicant appeared to be no more than 18. The CV read well apart from that but I still found myself doubting his ability, his credentials and what he could bring to the role based on his age and nothing else.

And then I think of what I was like when I was young. Just begging to be given a chance. Ready to work for free to gain some — any — experience. Knowing for sure that whomever was clever enough to employ me would reap massive rewards in not only my dedication but also my creative abilities.

And so I’m stuck between my head and my heart. A rock and a hard place.

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