Project 366 / 84The great rush of life

It’s my birthday and for once I’m not working. Instead I’m slumming it at Bailiffs Court Hotel & Spa. It’s been a gruelling day of massages, fine food & treatments.

Strangely though, as secluded and peaceful as it is here we’re still caught up in the great rush of life. Let me explain…

We were running a bit late this morning, compounded by the fact that I’d forgotten my swimming trunks. After a very quick stop off at Sainsburys To buy some more we made it just in time for our first hour long treatment. “We haven’t got time for coffee though” Gem said. Not that we ever arrive early enough for that.

After the treatment we met back up, chose and ordered our lunch, hit the coffee lounge before retiring to the poolside for an all-too-short book break.

Before we knew it lunch was being served. My poor wife is on her extremely strict competition diet so forwent the niceties for a plain boiled chicken salad with no dressing. My pulled beef ciabatta feast on the other hand was gorgeous.

We’d just begun to relax when I we realised that we’d only got 10 minutes until our next treatment. I know, the tribulations huh.

After the treatment I thought we’d actually get to sit down and relax without any time constraint but alas no. Gem, fearing we’d be left with a poor choice of room wanted to check into the hotel. So after an all-too-brief sit by the pool we donned our gear and walked over to the hotel.

We’ve now got 1 hour to get ready before dinner. Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. But all in the most wonderful way.

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