Project 366 / 98 — Which came first: psychology or neurology?

I find the human brain a fascinating thing. The psychology of the mind, how it plays tricks and generates such a roller coaster of emotions is just incredible. From wins to losses, ups and downs and from happiness to sadness. I wonder which came first: psychology or neurology?

I have been very fortunate to be able to engineer my life into the situation I find myself in now. I’ve rolled the dice, taken a chance, worked hard, been patient and as a result made my own luck. It’s when you get to this point that the psychology of the mind starts playing tricks on you.

My mind tells me that as a result of all of the above I should treat myself — go buy that car, go buy that house, go on that holiday. My heart tells me otherwise — you’ve worked hard for what you’ve achieved, don’t waste it, don’t lose it, don’t spend it.

I have friends who will spend, confident in their ability to just make some more. I don’t doubt my earning ability, after all I’ve lost it all before and got it all back. I’m just reaching for that debt free line. The problem is, the closer I get the more I tend to push it back by investing in more.

In general all the materialistic things can wait. I need to secure the future for my family and my employees. I guess once I do that then it could be my turn. In the meantime I’ll spend my time trying to curb my wife’s appetite for spending and my brain from trying to persuade me that I need or deserve a reward.

My reward is success.

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