Poor and traumatized at Harvard
Due Quach

Wow thank you for being so open and sharing your experience. And thank you for bringing up such an important issue that is so rarely talked bout. I feel like SO many students deal with difficult internal issues in college that are amplified with all of the external stresses and pressures of the environment. But it’s never talked about, so there’s this illusion is that that being anything but happy and is “weird” or “abnormal”. When in reality, having problems is the norm. But people are so aftraid to talk about it that students are left to struggle alone. There are no clear directions on how to get help, and sometimes even the brave souls who reach for help are met with a quick fix of meds for the remainder of school. Nobody’s reaching the core issue of how to help confused/shocked/lost/stressed students deal with their situations. There needs to be people who can teach others how to help themselves. So thank you (again) for being one of the trailblazers on that fronteir. Best of luck!!

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