So many women are ready and willing to accept “beautiful” as the highest compliment; embrace it as the pinnacle of their person.
Most of what we think of as “love” is bullshit
Kris Gage

Beauty in my opinion is something that is inclusive of a woman’s personality and character too. Physical beauty is temporary and it’s in the eyes of the beholder, as the saying goes. What is beautiful to one may not be beautiful to another.

For example, if I say that she has beautiful eyes, I don’t mean just physically. The way she communicates or talks and captivates me, is beautiful. The way she engulfs me, traps me with just her gaze.

To me, her eyes reflect her personality. Her eyes convey a sense of virtue that I respect.

Her eyes convey a sense of elegance that I admire.

Her eyes show a sense of sympathy for others that I love, but her character is empathetic and I adore that.

Her eyes show a sense of longing that’s cute.

Her eyes convey a sense of seductiveness that’s alluring. Her eyes have a sense of mystery to them that constantly keeps me guessing.

To me, beauty in the physical sense is secondary. Personality, character and physical beauty are all important. Every woman has it. All men have to do is to look.

You shouldn’t love someone simply because they look like a model. You should love them because they are a role model; To the others.

A woman is someone who has class. A lady is someone who has class and elegance. Everyone is elegant in some way or the other. So the next time a girl asks me why I love her, I am going to say this- “I love you for who you are.” Being slightly (and by that a very little amount) selfish is sometimes cute. I don’t deny that, but there is a reason for the phrase, “better halves”.

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