The Decision To Extend Air Strikes Against Daesh from Iraq into Syria: Why Did I Vote Yes?

I’m not a Walthamstow resident but I’m in neighbouring Leyton. My friends in your constituency speak very highly of you and your representation of the interests of your constituency.

After the terrible legacy of the Iraq war it is exceptionally difficult to see that there are any merits to more Western military involvement in the region. That sentiment is reinforced having recently finished Robert Fisk’s “The Great War for Civilisation” which is a catalogue of the disasters that have followed European and American meddling in the region.

I managed to stay in touch with a selection of the Commons debate on Wednesday and was fortunate to see Hillary Benn’s speech, which I know had such an impact on you. I respect the decision you have made, however I still do not think a coherent enough case was proven, or that Cameron laid out a properly constructed long-term plan for resolving this conflict.

It’s one thing to express the noble sentiment of supporting our allies and opposing the Fascism of Daesh, and quite another to allow the merits of that instinct to cloud what should have been a cool, rational rejection of this Government’s call to arms.

Personally I hope you will ride out the storm of disapproval and that enough Labour party members will have an appreciation of the difficulties and complexities of the tough choice you were faced with, I certainly do.