And Away We Go

The blue wave wasn’t big enough to drown every two faced, white supremacist, crooked, traitor Republican in Congress and wash their bodies out to sea, but it was big enough for over 100 women to be elected to the House of Representatives, 2 of whom are Native American and 2 of whom are Muslim. This is historic.

The Colorado cake baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple now has a gay governor.

The Kentucky County Clerk who refused to issue a wedding license to a gay couple lost her job to one of the men who applied for the license.

Russian congressman Dana Rohrabacher lost. This is being celebrated around the world. It’s trending in London.

Koch whore Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Trump whore Dean Heller of Nevada lost.

Beto lost but he turned the tides in Texas. A lot of Republicans lost in state, county and local races, which makes Texas an official swing state.

The winners of the Even Though He’s a Scumbag Criminal, He’s OUR Scumbag Criminal Races are: Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter. They’re both under federal indictment but they got re-elected because a Republican felon is better than a Democrat any day. Duncan Hunter won by running an Islamophobic campaign. Chris Collins didn’t run much of a campaign because he figured he was toast, but hey! Republicans will take it!

Republicans voted for a dead pimp in Nevada because a dead Republican pimp is better than a libtard any day.

Devin Nunes has held on to his seat proving that not all of California is left coast.

First thing this morning Mitch McConnell threatened the Dems with, “Presidential harassment is not a smart strategy.” This from the guy who announced that he had only one goal after Obama was elected and that was to make sure he’d be a one term president.

Trump called a dumpster fire shit show presidential news conference in the East Room of the White House this morning. He opened it by patting himself on the back and declaring the Republicans victorious because of him. “Last night, the Republican Party defied history to expand our Senate majority while significantly beating expectations in the House.” He spent most of his time lambasting the free press, calling the media the enemy of the people FROM INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE. After veteran black reporter April Ryan asked about voter suppression, he told her to sit down. When black reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked him about encouraging white nationalists by declaring himself a nationalist, he told her that was a racist question. He gestured to a Japanese reporter and said “Say hello to Shinzo…..I’m sure he’s happy about tariffs on his cars.” He got annoyed with the reporter’s accent and said, “I can’t understand you.” When CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to ask a question he said, “That’s enough, put down the mic,” prompting a White House aide to get up and try to grab the mic right out of Acosta’s hand.

“As a political historian, my scholarly opinion is that this presidential press conference is weird as shit” — Kevin M. Kruse

Trump says the Dems can’t simultaneously work in a bipartisan way and investigate him because he won’t do both. He said if they tried to investigate him it would be good for him politically because he’s better at that game than they are. 
Blue wave low tide…… now what?

Congress can do what it’s supposed to do — check the president.

Adam Schiff will run the House Intelligence Committee and will move forward with the Russia investigation.

Elijah Cummings will run the House Oversight Committee and look into Trump violating the emoluments clause and profiting from the presidency.

Maxine Waters will run the Financial Services Committee and will subpoena his tax returns.

Nancy Pelosi will become the Speaker and make Trump’s life a living hell.

Jeff Sessions “resigned” as Attorney General.

Here we go.

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