Deal with the Devil

Today is the day we find out what Mr-Look-At-Me-I’m-The-President-Can-You-Believe-It is going to do about DACA. Will we find out that A) He was torturing DACA kids and their families like a cat does its prey before it ultimately kills it, B) He’s making his mind up this morning because he doesn’t care one way or the other, or C) He’s going to punt it to Congress so he doesn’t have to deal with it at all.

He tweeted this morning — “Congress, get ready to do your job — DACA.” It’s C.

He may not make the DACA announcement himself — he could make Jeff Sessions do it. Jeff Sessions — the racist attorney general who did a televised interview at the Arizona border and said that the border was a hellscape, a ground zero of death and violence where we better stand up against the tide of evil flooding up from Mexico.

Congress goes back to work today which is ironic because Congress doesn’t work. There’s a hell of a To–Do list waiting for them: Pass disaster funding, raise the debt ceiling (or not,) North Korea, tax reform bill (cough) and catch! DACA!

Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin says there are plenty of (white) people waiting to take DACA jobs.

DACA kids pay taxes at twice the rate of rich bungholes like Steve Mnuchin (who got rich by kicking people out of their homes.) Their contributions have been significant to our economy whereas Steve Mnuchin is using his power to manipulate the economy so he can get even richer. DACA kids are far more patriotic and good for America than rich bungholes like Steve Mnuchin who live for themselves only where nothing is ever enough.

The whole world is freaking out about North Korea and the possibility of WWIII starring two leaders who love attention and intimidating people. Miscalculations on either side are very likely because both leaders are egomaniacal, rich bungholes.

South Korea is preparing itself. Around 230,000 U.S. citizens, including 28,500 servicemen and women, live there.

Nothing from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson about America getting involved in WWIII because it wasn’t in his job description when he was first recruited out of retirement. He thought all he had to do if he took this job was have a few drinks with Putin so he could get the sanctions lifted and make a lot of money off of his Exxon stock. He’s annoyed. Rich bungholes shouldn’t have to work for their money.

The UN delegation has been cut by 60% and the state department is woefully understaffed.

Steve Mnuchin is dictating foreign policy, Reality TV style, threatening to cut China off over North Korea. He better cut that out because the president and his daughter get their merchandise made there.

Kim Jong-un has won the propaganda war and thus the ratings. America’s Reality TV Star president wants those ratings.

Japanese elders who were orphaned as children because they lived through the Hiroshima bombing when their families did not, have a message for Trump and Kim Jong-un: Yout overconfidence is scary and ignorant. This is not a game.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Texas Republicans (there are a lot of them, Ted Cruz is the most famous) have been the biggest, loudest, and most heartless opponents of disaster relief and climate change. Nevertheless, they want the federal government to come to the rescue. Since they’re science deniers they’re taking up a collection (cash only) to pay undocumented workers to build them an ark so they can ride off into the sunset on their Whites Only, two by two heterosexuals only ark when Armageddon comes because it’s coming. It’s right there in the bible.

Breaking: Trump is pardoning Lucifer today because he needs a favor.