Despicable ME

The press makes ME uncivil.

Jeff Flake was against ME before he knew ME. His poll numbers in Arizona are so low. He’s done terribly for the great state of Arizona. I did very well in Arizona. ME! I did great!

Arizona loves ME. Jeff Flake wrote a book about ME.

MY generals have it under control in Niger.

I went to an Ivy League college. I’m a very intelligent person. ME. I am very smart.

Everybody says unbelievable good things about ME but you never report that.

Nobody has more respect for the families of fallen soldiers than ME. Nobody.

Everybody is sad and sorry for Myesha Johnson which makes Trump jealous. What about ME?

Republicans love ME.

And now a word about ME and the election. The Democrats made Russia up because they lost the election against ME. The hoax has turned around and you look at the fake dossier and the uranium deal and you see it’s turned around on them, away from ME. When you take a look at Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and the hatred and the animosity you see the Republicans are united because of ME.

The Hillary campaign announced that they paid for the rest of the fake dossier because they are embarrassed because a judge is going to release it so they decided to announce it instead. These are all lies about ME.

Enough about ME. What do you think about ME?

There is no court case or fake dossier and if Hillary’s campaign knew about Russian hookers they would have used it. Opposition research is legal. Sleazy, but legal.

Wikileaks. Wikileaks! I love Wikileaks! Wikileaks got a hold of Hillary’s deleted emails with the help of the Russians and Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica. Mike Pompeo praised Wikileaks on the campaign trail and now he is the head of CIA. The Trump Campaign says they know nothing. Cambridge Analytica? Never heard of them.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has imploded because the Republicans don’t want to go up against Trump. They are no longer interested in investigating whether or not the president is guilty of using his power to enrich himself and his family or if he is influencing potential US attorneys to protect himself from prosecution. Trump is meeting with attorneys in New York and Florida before he decides to appoint them. Who is he considering? Someone from Rudy Giuliani’s office and campaign, someone from the law firm Kasowitz Benson Torres (his counsel for the Russia investigation,) and a former contestant from the Apprentice. He is stacking US attorney jobs to protect himself and the Republicans are looking the other way.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr from San Diego is under FBI investigation for using house and campaign funds to support his lavish lifestyle. One of the “expenses” he can’t explain is paying $600 for the family rabbit to fly to Italy. Wolf Blitzer from CNN asked him if shared any of Jeff Flake’s concerns and he said, “No.” That makes Trump happy. Hunter thinks good things about ME. He likes ME. He really, really likes ME. What does Hunter really think of Trump? “He’s an asshole, but he’s our asshole.”

Trump interrupted his busy schedule of tweeting, watching TV and eating to go to a fundraiser for himself in Texas. Tickets were $2,700. If you want your picture taken with ME, that will be $35,000. To get out of having to pay for the trip, he dropped in on a few folks to ask about how things were going with the hurricane clean up so he could call it a business trip. This was the 10th fundraising event for his 2020 campaign in 10 months.

Ronald Reagan’s son, Ron Reagan, says it’s time for the 25th Amendment. “Donald Trump is a deeply damaged human being. He is a sociopathic, malignant narcissist.”

Ronald Reagan’s son talked about ME! ME!

It’s all about ME!