Happy Blue Year

Republican ass kicker boots

This year is going to suck until #november2018 when the Godless, gay loving, tree hugging, nymphomaniac libtards inherit the earth and save the country and the world from Trump and the Republicans.

The President of the United States spent New Year’s Eve with his closet paying customers at a resort he still profits from. His sons were there, of course. They supposedly run their dad’s company. Steve Mnuchin and his third wife made a grand entrance wearing a tuxedo and a gown made of $1,000 bills. They were followed by a Fox News host. In your face, America.

Everybody who celebrated with Trump last night at Mar-A-Lago did so with full knowledge that he is a greedy, racist, sexist, lying, criminal traitorous pig who is destroying the country. They’re cool with that because deplorables with money are pretty much cool with anything that will make them richer.

A drunk gun nut was arrested at the Houston Hyatt Regency after it was discovered that he had an AR-15 along with a couple of other guns and a ton of ammo in his room on the 28th floor overlooking a planned New Year’s celebration. He told the cops that he wasn’t there to shoot people. He brought all of that stuff in from his car because he was afraid they’d be stolen. He’s white so the cops said, “OK. Happy New Year!”

In 2010 the Republicans were able to dupe paranoid old white people into believing that their black president was going to take away their way of life. The right wing media reminded them of that every day. They made fools of themselves by wrapping themselves in flags wearing George Washington hats with tea bags hanging from them, screaming “No socialized medicine — stay away from my Medicare!” at organized protests paid for by rich people like the Koch Brothers. They voted for extreme right wing candidates and put pressure on their legislators to vote with the far right whack jobs. They did all of this, in small numbers, based on lies. The Resistance has taken a couple pages out of their play book and is going to turn the tide back in the other direction, but with huge numbers, no funding, and truth and justice.

“Get ready for the Great Political Surprise of 2018. The size of the GOP victory in 2018 will be enormous!” — Newt Gingrich

“So much was weird in 2017, but perhaps the weirdest was that people who nearly triggered a pizzeria gun massacre to stop imaginary child molesters rallied to support an actual child molester’s campaign for US Senate” — David Frum

Trump expressed support for protesters in Iran in a tweet but won’t let them in our country.

Democrat FDR literally saved the country from collapse. Two Democratic presidents (Clinton & Obama) were the only two presidents to reduce the deficit in over 40 years. Republicans are the party fiscal responsibility? Bullshit. Fiscal responsibility is a false corporate brand which voters still buy.

Democrats gave us the middle class, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, voter rights (for women and African Americans), worker rights, veterans benefits and the GI Bill, consumer protections, environment and Wall Street regulations, reproductive rights, gay marriage, transgender rights, the Peace Corps, PBS and NPR! The Republicans want NONE OF IT.

Food Stamps cost the average taxpayer in America $36 per year. Corporate subsidies cost $870 per year.

If Trump is not impeached by the end of the year we could have a Democratic president within 14–16 months. If both Trump and Pence are impeached the Speaker of the House is next in line to be president. Democrats will win the House in #november2018.

Our new year’s resolution should be the same for everybody — a new year revolution blue tsunami. Get your butts out there.