It’s Not Tuesday

Truth is not truth

Proof is not proof

Science is not science

America isn’t America

Christianity is not Christianity

Priests are not priests

Bullying isn’t bullying

Fake news is not fake news

The president is not the president

Hair isn’t hair

The right is not right

Pro life is not pro life

Jim Jordan isn’t Gym Jordan

Fox News isn’t news

A press briefing is not a press briefing

Conservatives aren’t conservative

Paul Manafort is not a man without a fort. No wait, yes he is.

Reality TV is not reality, TV

No collusion means collusion

Coal is clean

Guns don’t kill people

The earth is not round

Spaceforce is real (it’s not rocket science)

I tweet therefore I am

It’s not me it’s you

Republican hypocrite fun fact: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise addressed a white supremacist conference led by notorious former KKK leader David Duke in 2002. It’s not your father’s Republican Party anymore. GET OUT.

Trump invited immigration enforcement officials to the White House for a photo op and introduced a brown skilled border patrol agent with, “He speaks perfect English!” Poor border patrol agent. It’s not about you.

“Today Melania Trump read a 4 minute speech about ‘cyberbullying prevention’ while the 72-year-old father of her 12-year-old son was busy cyberbullying” — Lawrence O’Donnell

The First Lady is the not the first lady.

It’s not easy being green (if you’re the environment.) It’s easy if you’re money.

It’s not over until the fat man screams and nobody hears him.

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