Mourn on the Fourth of July

Spike Dolomite
Jul 4, 2018 · 3 min read

The United States of America is under attack by a foreign hostile power on the 4th of July and the President and the Republican party won’t do anything about it.

Republican senators are enjoying July 4th in Moscow. They’re kissing up to Putin and telling him that they look forward to building an alliance with Russia. Democrats weren’t invited and neither was the press. They’re meeting in secret, Kremlin style. Sergey Kislyak is there, too, yucking it up with America’s traitors.

The Republican senators were meeting in secret with the Russians on the day that the Senate Intelligence Committee formally announced that it believes that Russia attacked our election to get Trump elected.

Trump plans on meeting Putin in private before their summit on July 16.

242 years ago 13 colonies broke free of a monarchy to be their own country, a government for the people, by the people. Today we have a president who behaves like a king, grabbing more and more power for himself, carte blanche, because the Republicans let him.

Trump reversed Affirmative Action because it isn’t fair to white people. The white people who have had a problem with Affirmative Action (Trump’s base) are throwing a big party today to celebrate, just as the founding fathers intended. The 4th of July is a whites only holiday.

Americans will see flags flying everywhere today. Some will see it and think, “freedom.” Some will see it and cry. Some will see it and say, “’’Merika!” and others will look and wonder why. The President of the United States will hug it and say, “ALL MINE!”

Trump likes to throw in “What we stand for” when he rambles. Nobody has asked him what he means by that. What do we stand for?

Trump supporters are boycotting Walmart for selling an “Impeach 45” shirt. That’s hilarious. Where are they going to go on Saturday nights?

Trump groupies don’t know it, but libtards have been boycotting Walmart since forever because Walmart is anti-union, pays poverty wages so workers have to work another job or two or get food stamps and government subsidized health care and housing, exploits 3rd world workers, and makes their employees work on Thanksgiving. Libtards won’t set foot in a Walmart. Not even to buy an “Impeach 45” shirt.

Trump’s groupies boycotted Walmart in 2015 for not selling confederate flags.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Trump loving, big mouth, in your face, tea party whacko GOP congressman from Ohio, Jim Jordan, has been accused of ignoring sex abuse at Ohio State when he was a coach there.

Recount of sex crimes and deviant acts by “family values Republicans” since Trump was elected: Jim Jordan covering for a pedophile, Roy Moore is a pedophile, married head of the RNC paid his Playboy mistress off to keep her quiet (and paid for her abortion, aided by Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen,) anti-gay Oklahoma state senator and former county campaign coordinator for Trump caught in a hotel room with an under age boy, top presidential aide resigned after everybody found out he was a wife beater, anti-abortion congressman from Pennsylvania was outed for pressuring mistress to have an abortion. He resigned. Married anti-abortion Republican congressman/doctor from Tennessee was outed for having an affair with a patient and pressured her to have an abortion. He wanted his ex-wife to have an abortion, too. He didn’t resign because God forgave him. And last but not least, the President of the United States busted for paying off a porn star he had sex with (aided by his personal attorney, Michael Cohen who is in really big trouble for aiding and abetting the president.)

The common denominator between all of the sexually perverted, repressed hypocritical Republicans? They’re all on the extreme far right of the Republican party.

What will these guys be doing today, while the rest of us mourn? Beat their chests, stomp their feet, spew white nationalist hate speech, get everybody worked up about abortion, gorge themselves on barbeque and apple pie, boink a porn star or two, stuff big checks in their pockets, and burp.

Ahhhhhh, it’s good to be king.

Spike Dolomite

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