The Day After

It’s Black Friday. Since Trump is scared of black people, LaVar Ball should surprise Trump at Mar-a-Lago by jumping out of a giant cake that he thinks is holding a half naked 17 year old. Then all of the black NFL players should emerge from the dunes and bushes onto Trump’s golf course like the Zombie Apocalypse, waving the American flag, singing the national anthem, and chanting “Black lives matter.” When they get to the front door of the country club, they should take a knee and ask to be taken to Trump’s leader, Jim Crow.

Idiot racists are trolling Reading Rainbow, Star Trek LeVar Burton because all black people look alike and are named LeVar.

Conservatives are losing their shit over Malia Obama blowing smoke rings at Harvard.

Trump is playing golf today with Tiger Woods. He’s not scared of Tiger Woods because Tiger is only half black. Tiger is good for his brand.

Playing with Trump is not good for Tiger’s brand. Now people want to punch the eye of the Tiger.

Trump gave a little casual speech to members of the coastguard and told them that the hurricane in Texas was great for their brand.

Richard Spencer will not be getting punched in the face in 26 countries because there is a travel ban on him. He’s not welcome in countries where he could radicalize white supremacists. Europe has already been there. Spencer is always welcome in America, though. Thanks, Republicans.

Trump’s message to the troops abroad? Let’s talk about me for a minute. I’m doing a great job. When you come back you’re gonna see so many jobs, the stock market is great, companies are great, unemployment is great, we’re working on tax cuts….big beautiful tax cuts…….me me me me me me…..and me…..The troops don’t care anything about me me me me me. They just want to come home alive and in one piece.

Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney, says, “Our president is a bully……. a punk, I don’t know who raised him, but they did a poor job.” Watch yourselves, over indulgent parents, if you don’t get it together and start disciplining your kids they could grow up to be president.

The illegitimate president conspired with Russia and Wikileaks to steal the election which is a conspiracy against the United States. If the Dems sweep the House and Senate in a year and Paul Ryan loses, that would put a Democrat in the White House if Pence goes down with Trump. YAHOO!

Looks like Michael Flynn has flipped. His lawyers aren’t talking to Trump’s lawyers.

The Clinton Foundation is feeding people in Puerto Rico. The Trump Foundation is under investigation.

Congressman Scott Taylor from Virginia said that if Roy Moore assaulted his 14 year old daughter he’d break his face. And fingers. And worse. Good answer. That’s what any dad should say about Roy Moore, Republican or Democrat. We shouldn’t be talking about whether or not Roy Moore could win the election. We should be talking about breaking his face.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: The governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, created a new Public Health Advisory Council. The head of it is facing criminal charges for the Flint water crisis along with a number of other state officials. But not Rick Snyder. Nobody is coming for Rick. Yet.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and Americans should be grateful that our checks and balances are still working, in spite of the Republicans. Our free press is still functioning, in spite of being obsessed with sex and shiny objects. Citizens are exercising their First Amendment rights to stand up to injustice and attacks against our democracy, in spite of wanting to stay home and watch football instead.

We’re not an autocracy. Yet.