Vote Democrat

After North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb, Twitler tweeted that he was meeting with his generals about North Korea. Soon after General Mattis went on TV and said that if North Korea threatens Guam or the US that it can expect a massive military response. North Korea responded by making more threats.

After a lovely breakfast in the White House, Trump went to church on National Prayer Day. As he was leaving church, he was asked if he would attack North Korea. He said, “We’ll see.” Eat pray bomb.

The United Nations held an emergency meeting today regarding North Korea. Nikki Haley said North Korea is begging for war. “Enough is enough,” she said.

Trump is no fan of the UN and the UN is no fan of Trump.

When asked about the escalating threat in North Korea, Republican congressman Roy Blunt said we were dealing with a leader who is spoiled and reckless. He was talking about Kim Jong-un, not Trump.

How does the US use diplomacy to de-escalate the threat of war with North Korea when our own president is unstable, unqualified, unreliable, and unpredictable?

The world is on the brink of WWIII because two unhinged, spoiled and reckless leaders are playing chicken with nuclear weapons.

Trump is attacking our ally South Korea while threatening a trade war on Twitter. Nikki Haley threatened a trade war with everybody which would cause a recession.

Since Trump couldn’t kill Obamacare, he’s sabotaging it by killing funding for advertising. Open enrollment is November 1 through December 15. Pass it on.

DACA came about because congress wouldn’t act on immigration reform. Obama did what he could without congress to protect kids so they could go to school, get jobs and drive legally, which is all they or their parents ever wanted.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: In 2015, Obama asked Congress to get its act together and come up with something once and for all on immigration reform, Paul Ryan responded with saying NO. He told him that the House refused to work with him. Ryan did it because the Republicans’ only goal for 8 years was to destroy Obama. Now he says ending DACA is a bad idea, and ironically, the Republicans’ don’t have any plans to destroy Trump.

Trump is ending DACA in 6 months. If congress doesn’t act, young brown patriots will be thrown out of the country.

DACA kids trusted the government and stepped out of the shadows to volunteer their personal information. Now the government is using it against them.

A mom of a DACA recipient has been denied a humanitarian visa to go to Houston to bury her son. He died saving people in the flood.

Meanwhile in Houston, toxic sludge and hazardous waste have contaminated houses and seeped into the ground. Chemicals have been released into the air. Republicans are destroying regulations on business by destroying the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), making pollution more profitable and deceiving the public legal. The head of the EPA is the former attorney general of fracked-to-death Oklahoma. Like the president, he doesn’t believe in climate change.

Texas has a $10 billion rainy day fund but the Republican governor of Texas doesn’t want to use it for the Houston flood.

If you want environmental protections, vote Democrat
If you want to protect workers, vote Democrat
If you want a living wage, vote Democrat
if you want separation of church and state, vote Democrat
If you want healthcare for all, vote Democrat
If you want the government out of your sex life, vote Democrat
If you want to protect Dreamers, vote Democrat
If you want the military to stay on its side of the White House, vote Democrat
If you want to dilute the rich, white male oligarchy, vote Democrat
If you want to save the middle class, vote Democrat

Today (Labor Day), is brought to you by unions and the filthy, sex crazed, godless liberals who also brought you the weekend, the 8 hour work day, child labor laws, minimum wage, and worker protections. Vote Democrat.