White Lies

A video proving that General Kelly distorted Congresswoman Wilson’s speech has surfaced but the White House is banking on Trump’s supporters being too stupid and lazy to watch it. They stand by that lie like they have all the others.

Trump has a fake Renoir in his apartment but he insists it’s the original.

Eric Trump’s wife, Lara, is the anchor of Trump State Fascist TV. Once a week Trump’s followers can tune in for “the real news.” Lara said she read the transcript of the call between her jackass father in law and a Gold Star wife. She said, “It’s a clear case of the media not doing its job.” There is no transcript of the call. Lara liar pants on fire.

Republicans set Clinton up to lie about a blow job under oath. The Republicans know that Trump is a danger to civilization but they won’t take the nuclear codes out of his hands because they are all liars too.

Republicans lie about blow jobs. They don’t get them.

It would really help move things along if the media would use the word, “liar” instead of “false claims” and “distortions”. The president is a liar and so is everyone in his cabinet.

The President of the United States has just announced on Twitter that he will be allowing the long blocked and classified JFK files to be opened. He needs to keep his duped followers busy with old conspiracies so they won’t notice the Niger conspiracy.

The Republican controlled Congress investigated 4 dead in Benghazi for 2 and a half years, longer than 9/11, Watergate, the JFK assassination and Pearl Harbor. The Republican controlled Congress has investigated 4 dead in Niger for 0 days. Somebody is lying.

“The UN has tremendous potential,” our pathetic excuse of a president said to the UN Secretary after shaking his hand in the Oval Office. Good thing he didn’t fall asleep in his chair. Oh wait, that was Thursday. He must be tired of all of the winning.

Puerto Rico is on its way to being the largest US blackout since electricity was invented. Trump lied and gave himself a 10 out of 10 for his response to the hurricane. His followers believe it because they’ll believe anything.

Unemployment in Puerto Rico is close to 100%. Trump’s followers don’t want those foreigners crossing the border into Florida to take their jobs.

Republican hypocrite fun fact: Betty Price is Tom Price’s wife. Tom Price is the guy who resigned recently after being outed for burning through taxpayer money to jaunt around the country on private jets. He’s also the guy who made a big bowl of money after he helped craft legislation that would benefit him personally when he was in Congress. He wanted to destroy Obamacare as the head of Health and Human Services even though he’s a doctor and was sworn to do no harm. That guy. His wife is just as horrid. She’s a Republican state legislator who has suggested that the state of Georgia quarantine people who have HIV. She’s a former anesthesiologist. She’s not supposed to harm anyone either.

There is only one man on earth who is safe from Trump’s wrath: Putin. Trump claims he doesn’t have anything to do with Russia. Trump is a lying sack of shit and Putin is sitting on top of that bag of crap.

Trump hasn’t spent any time with Russian hookers peeing on each other because he’s a germaphobe and is careful about where and goes and what he does in Russia because he assumes that he’s being watched constantly. Of course he would never do anything like that. Believe me.

Trump is living a lie. Pants on fire. Quick! Somebody pee on them!