Introducing Spilly World — A Trio of New Apps!

After a year of development on our neural network-powered human detection and tracking AI (mouthful), we’re excited to announce the release of three new apps into the Spilly family. But first, a bit about us.

What is Spilly World?

It’s a fun suite of Social AR apps powered by cutting edge AI technology. These are products for a broad audience but made for teenagers in particular. As true digital natives, today’s teens are technology’s most adept users, and people for whom tech is an inextricable part of their sense of self. And yet there have been a lot of studies of late detailing the ways in which this tech can be very isolating, with teens particularly susceptible. They’re spending a lot of time communicating with each other online, typically in the form of asynchronous text or video exchanges. Crucially this technology that was designed to connect us has teens spending more time than ever apart from each other. Spilly’s mission is to create Augmented Reality camera experiences that encourage people to get out and be creative together.

Social AR triggers in-person collaboration or friendly competition (source: FameFace app by Spilly)

Who are we?

We’re a creative team of game designing Neural Net engineers working to bring the future of mobile AR/VR to Gen Z. To do that we pair our AI technology, developed off of the latest academic research, with a deep commitment to understanding how to build AR products for a younger audience; meaning lots of in-person interviews, focus groups and user surveys to understand their behavior and tastes. Despite most of our team being millenials at only 10 years or so older, the differences are stark, and we’ve made it our mission to understand how we can nudge them to get together to have more fun in a more social way.

How does it start?

Social AR (PvP Multiplayer) in the very near future

Anyone who’s being honest will acknowledge that the number of potential use cases for AR today is a fraction of what it will be in the future, given the limitations of the smartphone’s form factor when compared to future glasses hardware, but today we’re launching with a series of fun, irreverent use cases that we think people will love. These three products are our first foray into a very fun, very “spilly” future.


Teens today often use video as a means of creative self-expression and, increasingly so, as the primary medium for their digital selves. Many video apps have come out in recent years to support this, yet getting that Hollywood look remains elusive without the use of additional hardware. ZoomBoom changes that by offering stabilised zooms in a whole range of fun styles, from the 70s Hong Kong Kung Fu inspired “crash” zoom to the Scott Pilgrim-like comic zoom to our very own sexy sax zoom (remember this guy?).


Connect with your friends. Quite literally. Slaptastic’s magic hand lets you cover the gamut of emotion from the cheeky slap and voice silencing shhh to the showing your love with the heart. It’s a new kind of hands-on experience!

Fameface — Coming Soon!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be your favorite star or most hated villain? Fameface lets you and your friends play as famous actors, politicians, musicians and sport stars. Just pull out your camera, plop on a face, and get famous. Coming soon!

So what are you waiting for? Grab the apps, get out there and have some fun!