Dude, if your target audience is drunk sports fan I’d be SO worried about poorly cleaned up drunk…

Ditto. I used to AirBnB my place which was right next to a fancy wedding venue/hotel in my town. We tried very hard to vet guests who were there for weddings vs just having a quiet couples retreat and were very explicit about the “NO PARTIES” rule. My biggest tip is to have LOTS of friendly conversations with potential guests to get to know them a bit and help them understand your tolerance level. The more conversations you have, the more you humanize yourself and more likely a guest will respect your home. We once made the mistake of allowing the wedding venue/hotel to offer up our place as an extra hotel room for the wedding party (we personally knew the owners, so it was sort of a favor). But in the guests’ minds it was just another hotel room, not a home, and left the place a disgusting mess (think un-flushed clogged toilets and empty beer cans still strewn about). So gross. Anyhow…. good luck!