Anti-Semitism Is Horrible, But Not A Dominant Force In American Life
Michael Tracey

The fact that, as ADL found, over 800 journalists have suffered anti-Semitic attacks via Twitter since the election, should, as a journalist, set some warning bells off in you. As ADL also reported, there is one anti-Semitic assault reported in America every week and at least two anti-Jewish incidents on average every single day, not counting online harassment. I see that as a major problem and something that needs to be addressed, not hand-waved away. Whether antisemitism is increasing or decreasing is besides the point, anyway; the fact is, anti-Jewish attacks still occur at an alarming rate and any attempt at diminishing their impact on America only serves to complicate the real issue: antisemitism, like Islamophobia, is a problem in America which needs to be acknowledged and fought against at every turn.

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