Parker O'Brien

Whats the metaphorical gun in the context of the conversation? There is none.

The gun in this analogy symbolizes the threat of losing his job should Comey not “let Flynn go”.

He said news reports playing up such context are almost entirely false

No, Comey claimed that one particular report in the NYT “in the main, was not true” which is a statement with which the NYT strongly disagrees. Unfortunately, Comey never went into detail so we have no way of knowing with which details he takes issue.

Hey! A half decent line of attack because of Trump’s declaration he fired Comey over Russia. Muddy waters, though the reality remains that you need to show Sessions’ recommendation was founded in the Russian case, not Trump’s explanation for his decision.

So, we are to believe that the man who whipped crowds up into a frenzy chanting “lock her up” during the campaign suddenly had a complete change of heart and came to agree completely with Rosenstein that Comey treated Clinton unfairly during the investigation into her emails? Pull the other one, it has bells.

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