Why Bachelor in Paradise is the Best Show on TV

Don’t ignore this post just yet. Give me a chance here.

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh please, that show that’s a spinoff of another show that I can’t stand? Yeah right.”

Or probably more accurately “Never heard of it. You mean The Bachelor?”

But really let me try I convince you in just 5 minutes why you should be watching Bachelor in Paradise.

For those of you unfamiliar with the premise of the show, it’s kinda like Survivor but none of the contestants have any skills. Unless you think uptalking is a skill.

The show has 6 male and 6 female contestants. Throughout the week 2 more girls will join the group. At the end of the week, the 6 guys will pick the 6 girls they want to stay. The other 2 go home. And then it repeats the next week in the other direction (2 guys will join and the girls will decide who stays). It’s really like fast-motion, dating Darwinism. Evolving to the singles utopia that everyone dreams of.

Here are just 3 reasons this show is amazing…

1. The editing

The Bachelor in Paradise producers deserve to win every Emmy award for their outstanding editing. And not just the editing awards, but all of the awards.

The show is edited to maximize drama. It doesn’t always accurately portray what happened, but that’s fine, that’s not the point.

Watch this scene and tell me this isn’t some of the best editing you’ve ever seen:

Watch: Joe schemes behind the scenes

2. This is a game of strategy

As a contestant, if you think you’re going to get sent home, you are incentivized to lie and fake interest in someone to make it one more week where hopefully someone you actually are interested in will come.

There are a lot of subtleties to this that make it interesting. Let’s say you’re a guy and this week you may be getting sent home. If you have no connection with any of the girls, you only have to fake interest for 1 week. Cause next week 2 more girls will come, you’ll get to pick the one you like the most and send the one you lied to last week home. This means not only can you lie your way through a week, but then you don’t even have to have to confront your lies. You just get to send her home. No questions asked. It’s like breaking up over SMS. So easy, so clean and you’ll never see them again.

This season, Joe has mastered this strategy. Also might be why he’s the most hated contestant. But that doesn’t matter, cause it’s also one of the most entertaining stories.

Watch: Joe gets confronted about playing

3. The contestants think the point of the show is for them to find a future spouse. It’s not.

The point is to entertain those of us watching at home. And it never disappoints.

Every person on this show takes it so seriously. They fall in love after 1, and sometimes 0, dates. They sob on screen when someone they’re into gets asked out on a date by someone else. They talk about getting married before they’ve even had a single conversation with the other person. They threaten to leave the show if things don’t go their way. They fight over the same guy/girl, occasionally getting into physical confrontations.

And what’s really fun is not just that they take it seriously but it’s the contrast between how seriously they take themselves and how non-seriously the show takes itself. It’s really beautiful.

Watch: Clare tells everyone off for not being as good as last season’s cast

You’re not that far behind. You can easily catch up on this season with a quick 9-hour binge watching session. Do it and then follow along with the show here.