Cost Effective Smartphones : How Can It Change Business In India?

The year 2015, recorded 26.3% of smartphone users in India. This rank however is significantly believed to increase by 2016 with the release of Freedom 251. Claimed to be the world’s cheapest smartphone; this device, has been creating a storm among the folks in India. Touted as India’s most affordable smartphone at just Rs.250 (approx $4), it’s encompassed with commendable features such as :-

  • 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • Designed by Ringing Bells, Freedom 251 comes with pre-installed apps such as Women Safety, Swachh Bharat, Fisherman, Farmer, Medical, Google Play, WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. Furthermore, Ringing Bells promises to provide 650 service centers across India and a one year warranty period!

Freedom251 is not just a leap for India and its citizens but for businesses too!

We strongly believe that with the invention of Freedom 251, business facets can see a tremendous shift-over in their reach. Wondering what we are talking about? Let us explain.

Growth In Your Market

The assertive criterion of Freedom251 simply signifies the reach the product is going to encompass once it’s released! As the consumer access to smartphone increases, businesses are benefited from a wider specter of audiences to reach out to and help build your brand! Thus an opportunity for market growth nationally persists.

Building Your Brand

Quite obviously, the fundamental reason for introducing Freedom 251, as stated by Indian Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi — is to encourage and empower Indian minds “digitally”. Ideally, this not only means that the scheme would help us reach out to the digitally untouched parts of India, but also branding your business is going to become significantly stronger and more powerful and insightful than it ever was!

When we probed further we found out that, according to the number of smartphone users in India have only been 26.3% of our holistic population. By all means, as stated before, the invention of Freedom 251 is likely to increase the mark of smartphone users, which also implies branding your business digitally is going to need as much attention as possible!

By branding your business, we don’t just mean making your brand known to the digitally dormant parts of India but making it prominent enough so that these dormant parts understand what you are all about! Thus, its imperative to build your strategy to efficiently showcase your brand as a means of trust!

Going with the belief that the release of Freedom 251 is going to result in the increase in number of smartphone users in India — there also exists opportunities of educating your target audience about your business through these online mediums. With all the pre-installed apps in Freedom 251, the power of internet is believed to reach to the untouched parts of India. This, ultimately is going to nullify the inefficiencies by building more trustable resource of information through online mediums.

Bookings for Freedom 251 open on February 18 at 6.00 AM and closes on 21 February at 8:00 PM. To book your Freedom 251, click here.

Originally published at on February 17, 2016.

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