Just Two Sisters and a River

That time we constructed a legitimate outdoor bathroom and things got Wild.

The water stopped running today,

So I walked down to the creek

and bathed in Paradox.

“Ha!” she said to me… “and you think I would ever stop flowing…”

definitely not in rainy season.

So I plunged into a small pool that the heavy rains formed…

and here I was reminded.

I was reminded of those exquisite memories of another Wild time —

that time my entire family plunged into the Jungle herself.

I was reminded of those consistently mind-reconstructive days,

where one day a Caterpillar hints to you the way down the Rabbit Hole,

another day a Hummingbird flies into your face,

and some other time,

down by the river,

the Water shows you that nothing ever really stops moving;

especially not by the switch of a tap.

It was in those days that two sisters built a bathing oasis in a gnarly Jungle creek.

Charcoal-black stones,

some smoke and some laughter.

We even had a mirror.

And a shelf.

This place was lucid,

and we certainly don’t have any photos of this because

We were just two sisters in a river — bathing in Magic more than anything else.

The only condition:

to carefully time this wild shower.

Because as the night rolls in,

she is like Thunder.

The Jungle never sleeps, especially not at Night.

There’s a tangible switch in the Rainforest as dusk approaches —

a salutation to the Sun and celebration for the Moon.

At about this time, it’s best you’ve finished that cleanse…

or you might have more company than you expected ;)

As our project matured, we obviously built showers. Still outside, still achingly beautiful …but there’s just something about that Plunge.

Today I was reminded.

Reconsider the Story you know about Water.
Find your Wild places and take the Plunge —
and more than anything,

splash around a little — forget and remember — have fun.

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