Creating Auric Energy Shields

Creating an energy shield is a great way to start practicing energy work and creating a spiritual space for yourself. I personally should be doing this more, especially given the simplicity of it.

  • Rub hands together to create energy, just like you learned in 3rd grade
  • clap once together and hold 6 in-12 in apart and slowly bring together feeling a thickening of the space between your hands.
  • You should feel tingling/warm/cold in your hands (Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t feel anything at first. Practice and ask different questions, energy in my experience is more noticeable the more the energy is needed. And different people experience in the feeling in different ways. My hands get extremely warm, burning, while I had a friend whose hands get ice cold. It just depends.)
  • Repeat rub/clap and put your intention (Intention is everything)
  • Imagine a bubble or energy waves surrounding your body and you can either physically move your hands around yourself, or do it in your head. Whatever is more tangible for you.
  • seal it with a prayer, or a simple thank you to the universe

Once you have this down with white light, you can add in colors that first come to mind. You have to capability to invite all kinds of color energies, and usually whatever colors are your favorite, you can start there.

The world wide web has all kinds of websites on aura color meanings. Each color can repel whatever energies you are wanting protection from. You can be creative and make it fun. Usually the more fun I have, the stronger my energy shield is. So make it fun, make it you! Don’t overthink it.

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