The best quality that a friend can have

Friends usually have many beautiful qualities that have a positive impact on us. But there is one quality that I cherish the most. Friends who represent a source of motivation and inspiration are the best kind of friends if you ask me. I feel like every person can get a little carried away from the initial goal sometimes but the “getting back on track” part is the most important part. And sometimes people just forget about their initial dreams and goals just because they never had the right motivation, the right guidance. That’s why I think that having a friend who’s constantly motivating you is the best gift life can give you.

My personal experience

One of my closest friends happens to be my source of motivation/inspiration as well.

A lot has changed since I’ve met her. I haven’t had anyone like that in my life before. I used to be afraid to talk about my ambitions, dreams and goals with other people because I couldn’t feel understood. Sometimes I was even afraid to have certain ambitions because other people made me think they were too big for me. I simply couldn’t fit in. I felt disconnected because I already had everything planned but people around me were clueless about everything. I’ll never understand young people who don’t have a clue about anything. The worst part is that they are not even trying to find themselves. Their ways of having fun (or basically doing anything) are never productive, more than a half of the things that they do is completely unproductive. They don’t have a realistic view of life. They just think that everything good is going to happen just like that. Well no. You have to work your ass of for your dreams, that’s a fact.

But anyway.. When I started talking to her I realized how amazing she was. Because just like me she already had some plans for the future, dreams and goals. Whenever I went trough a hard time and whenever I doubted myself she was there to remind me that everything is possible if you make an effort without ever giving up. I was inspired to do even more in order to get better results in basically everything. And I have to thank her for that because she inspired me to think that way. She was and still is the only person that I know that manages to motivate me just by talking with me. I still don’t know anyone else with plans and ambitions for the future. It’s kinda sad and disappointing but I don’t care anymore. Because I know I don’t have to feel weird just because I have a different point of view about everything. Other people’s ways of thinking cannot bring me down or change my way of thinking anymore because I don’t feel disconnected as much as I used to.

So here it is; a big thank you for always staying by my side and always pointing out my strong points when I feel weak. Thank you for not letting me give up and thank you for being a role model with your determination and ambition. Since I know you I don’t feel like being determined and having a plan for the future is a bad thing. In fact this is awesome and we should be proud of that. I am so so so proud of us because we are not like the majority.

Stay awesome, love you. ❤

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