What to do when life hits you

For every dark night, there’s a brighter day.

We’ve all been there. We’ve been hurt and disappointed. Sometimes when you think everything is going great, life hits you and you start feeling lost and miserable. Your life starts resembling a really dark and fuzzy place, all the pieces start falling apart and everything stops. And you are sitting in a corner with the feeling that you are surrounded with ghosts and monsters. Even though it’s scary you cannot move because you just don’t know where to go. But even though you are in a long tunnel, you should know that every tunnel ends somewhere.

Surround yourself with people who will motivate you and who believe in you. This can be crucial for the development of your situation. Because how can you solve your problems if everyone around you keeps telling you that it’s not worth a try. How can you develop good ideas and work hard for them if everyone keeps telling you that you are going to fail. You cannot be a successful person if you are surrounded with people who keep pushing you down every time you try to rise. Don’t try to change other people because they are not going to. So this is a waste of energy and time. If people around you don’t suit you, replace them with people that do.

Start making plans. Find something that makes you happy and come up with plans how to achieve it. Start planning your way to success. And most importantly, don’t just plan things but do them as well. Dare to try new things, dare to think in a new and unique way. Believe in yourself and your projects and be proud of yourself. Don’t let failure scare you. Do a lot of research. Because the more and more we learn about something, the more we realize how little we know about it.

Don’t be afraid of hard work. Life is not easy. If you want something you have to work for it. Sometimes everything goes well but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work for it anymore. Because if you stop working hard, the system is going to stop functioning at some point. And when everything goes wrong work even harder. You can do this. Because if you really want to succeed you have to work hard. But never forget that your health comes first so hard work is okay, but overdoing things is not okay. And never forget that if you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.

Always be true to yourself. It’s never a bad idea to ask other people for a honest opinion about your work. But other people’s words should NEVER become your bible. Because we are all different and we are all going to see things our way. So you should never try to revive other people’s dreams. All you need to care about and focus on is your dreams.

Never start over-thinking. Over-thinking kills time, happiness and hope. This is completely useless and does more damage than you think. If you’re in a bad place over-thinking about it won’t help but it will complicate things even more. Instead of over-thinking just take a step back and calm yourself. Then do a research and try to come up with a good plan that will solve the problem. And remember to always keep it simple.

Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. I feel like this is one of the basic things that you have to do every single day in order to stay focused. Because we have just one life and we don’t know how long this life is going to be. Maybe 80 years or maybe 20 years. Maybe even less. So it’s important to live our lives at the fullest. We have to live like every day is our last day.

Never forget that you are strong and you can do EVERYTHING that you want. You just have to work hard for it and sooner or later you are going to succeed. Life can be a happy place if you want to. Just never give up!

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