Holiday Destinations in India for Summers

Have you been stressed recently, do you want some time for yourself? Are you waiting for a change, for calmness? Here’s what you can gift yourself this summer. A beautiful trip across the best of North India. Spirit Bohemian brings you a list of all these beautiful places you can visit in the span of 6 weeks. These places are:


Uttarakhand is a land of sublime natural beauty and serene spirituality. Uttarakhand provides everything that a tourist needs from vast geographical beauty to sheer calmness. A tourist who loves heights and is keen enough to explore these places then Uttarakhand is a place you must visit. There are many beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand as well as many things to do in those places.


Nainital is a must visit place in Uttarakhand as it provides its tourist with beautiful lakes, exotic scenery , temples and many more things which will excite the tourist. A sense of calmness in the air of Nainital engages a person to have a peace of mind. Also having majestic view of nature on all sides gives a lot to explore for the tourist. Shopping in the Mall Road is a must for every person visiting Nainital. Many engaging events like trekking on the Kumaon Hills yachting in the lake, horse riding and camping helps a tourist to have fun while exploring.


Almora is famous for its rich cultural heritage, unique handicraft, cuisines and also for its natural beauty. Almora is one of the best offbeat places to visit in the summers’ to escape the heat. This place doesn’t have a large number of people in it which makes it a calm. Tourists can do many adventure activities here like Rock climbing, Burma Bridge, Spider Web and many more which tests there strength and endurance. The natural beauty of this place brings peace in the eyes of any tourist, hiking is a must for all those who love mountains. Shopping for handicraft products in this place is also recommended as it offers a vast variety of such products.


Binsar is one place you should visit if you are a wildlife enthusiast as it has a lot of flora and fauna to offer you. It is a small town having very less population, making it a place everyone must visit for a break from their hectic lives. Binsar is famous for its wildlife Sanctuary which holds rare animals, birds and flower species. It holds a vast variety of natural beauty and is the best place for adventurous hiking, camping and natural walks. Safaris and sightseeing are also recommended for every tourist.

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