Why Can’t Black Men Let Go of Robert Kelly?

First, brother, cease the use of “you”. There’s no “”you”. There’s no concordance of black men, of black thought, of black morals or anything else. I am willing to give anyone a chance to explain their actions in any situation. If you’ve seen the documentary on Kelly, two things are apparent: one, even now he has some level of support from people from whom he has taken everything, including their dignity and self respect. And two, Kelly convicts himself with every statement he makes. So please don’t make it out that “we” support him, or that “we” won’t “let him go”. To me, he’s gone, and I really could not care less how good a singer and songwriter some people think he is. There’s no salvation on this Earth for what he has done. Period. And let’s end all play of his “songs” as a protest of sensibility. Play Smokey Robinson instead.