i give the human best of one bests

No War Between Egypt & Israel Again

#angelspirits no war comeing between egypt and israel 
yeh iam sure 100 % and with aribia or moslim ppl never ever its end war yes the war is end this one of best #ForHumantyFuture Pace its Pace Real Becuse is every country have a milions of ppl and jewish ppl is i think 7 milion israel ppl big ppl will live for ever togather arabia Of #moslim or #jewish the all humans live and life togather #spiritangel i contuneu later #Awesome

Angel Spirit no war comeing between egypt and israel

its real and i want to tell u why and how wating me afew time

the case now give u one of such its look like uk & usa anyone just dream cant dream they go to war between them yes never ever

just if the human dont get one Such Hitler

Angel Spirit we have a such like Hitler crazy one and was hate him self first before hate ppl and had paranoia but idont think the human dont came one like him again

No War iam sure