Officer Don’t Shoot

I’m trying to make it home
while already being alone, somewhat emotionless
feeling as if the end is near
seeing my mom’s face will make me feel again
I’ll be able to feel safe in an environment without people being judgmental
I can be me, shamelessly
the jungle is running wild outside
in our cities, with a bunch of mysterious police
walking on the pavement with a bible,
won’t even help protect you from the angry man carrying his rifle

there was once a dream
that’s been shattered
bodies scattered on the ground
blood everywhere, women frantically crying
just another person dying
a solution seems impossible
reasoning with those who just look at your skin to determine the person you are,
won’t move us forward
since our communities are broken apart,
for as long as I can remember
our brains are being put in a blender
without curse words,
our intelligence needs to be heard

coming from poverty
survival constantly stayed on my mind,
while struggle wasn’t that far behind
eating soup daily to fill up my stomach
seeing people enjoy steaks and other foods I can’t obtain
slowly has me going insane
looking at what other people have,
breeds something in me
this can’t be pain,
I’m used to it

my only home happens to be outside of Earth
in my dreams, where everything becomes blank
gives me comfort
until i wake up and hear gunshots ring out
my brother was getting harassed,
only because of the white man’s wrath
he followed every order,
conducted himself so well
our authority wanted to lock him up,
put him inside hell
where they take his rights
and strip him from these mad streets,
how can people not realize,
why some of us hate police

defeat reigns over us
but we won’t take abuse
justice please appear,
i have my hands in the air,
praying that someone cares