Spiritual Goats NFT Litepaper


Spiritual Goats is an NFT collection on the Solana Network. This project is not your normal profile picture NFTs whose values are based solely on aesthetics. We aspire to reward Spiritual Goats holders with utility, including passive income and future perks as our community grows and brand flourishes.

Spiritual Goats Details

Total Supply: 555 Original NFTs

Mint Price: 1 SOL / 0.69 SOL (Presale)

Mint Date: May 1st, 2022

Traits: 100+ Unique traits randomized for goats


The main utility of our collection is $ZENERGY. Holders of Spiritual Goats will be rewarded with daily airdrops of $ZENERGY tokens. This token will be needed for the ascension game that will be released in later phases of the project. It can also be used to redeem rewards in our future plans, for example, Spiritual Goats merch and more.

NFT Collections

Our main collection of Spiritual Goats is accompanied by two collections, Spirits of the Mountains and Divine Goats. The details are as follows:

  1. Spirits of the Mountains (SoM) is an NFT that is synonymous with whitelisting. A total of 222 Spirits of the Mountain will be available as giveaways throughout our marketing campaigns to grow our Twitter and Discord community. The collection will be listed so whitelist spots can be traded between wallets through secondary markets. We believe this will be a more valuable reward for early participants in our giveaways, hence will increase traction. SoM is also more than a whitelist spot, they will also carry similar utility to the Spiritual Goats collection. They will be a valuable part of the Ascension process, for example, higher success rate and higher rewards, details will be finalized in the next phase.
  2. Divine Goats is the product of the ascension game.


Phase 1: Awaken (Grow our community)

  • Filling up the Whitelist Spots along with Spirits of the Mountain (SoM) NFT
  • Launch Private Mint Series for Early Adopters
  • Create $ZENERGY token
  • Fixed $ZENERGY airdrop to Private Minters
  • Set and release details of tokenomics and future airdrops
  • Search and Finalize Third Party Launchpad Partnerships (MagicEden, MonkeLabs, etc)

Phase 2: Transcendence (Public Mint)

  • Mint 1,111 Spiritual Goats NFT
  • Secondary Market Listings
  • Continued Project Collabs and Giveaways for Holders
  • Launch Mental Health Initiative Fund, SG holders will make their first decisions

Phase 3: G.O.A.T. (Utility launch)

  • Provide Liquidity to $ZENERGY
  • Staking Platform
  • Daily $ZENERGY token airdrop for staked GOATs
  • Release Limited Merch only purchaseable with $ZENERG
  • Mental Health Initiative Fund Donations and Further Development

Phase 4: Reincarnation

  • Release 1/1 Legendary GOATs (full naruto or something else…)
  • Listing $ZENERGY on Exchanges w/ Liquidity Pool
  • Reveal Ascension Game Mechanics

Phase 5: Divine

  • Reveal Divine Goat collection, which is obtainable only through ascension/breeding
  • Launch Ascension Game

Phase 6: Eternity

  • Further Grow the Spiritual Goats Brand
  • New Collections for Holder
  • Finalize Mental Health Initiative Fund DAO’s Infrastructure to run perpetually


Tokenomics and features will be updated in the near future…

Ascension Mechanics

This section will be updated in the near future…

Mental Health Initiative Fund

As founders of Spiritual Goats, we have high recognition and concern over mental health issues, which we all have experience with. That’s why Spiritual Goats aim to aid others through their own spiritual journeys. This explains why we hope to set up the Mental Health Initiative Fund in the form of a community-led DAO. Holders of Spiritual Goats will be able to vote for donations and directions of the fund. We hope that this will grow into an actual functioning organization in the future that continues to contribute to society.



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