Conversations of #cooperation : #Spiritual contributions from peeling the onions

New methodology and conversation is required. We have achieved a persistent inability to communicate . There are too many instances of refusal to discuss . The social media scrutiny is a smokescreen.

Yes unpleasant output is a social media phenomenon, but the real damage is on hate politics, refusal to listen safe space politics, and then propagation of MY AGENDA.

Whether classified as a special snowflake or adamant in your arrogant certainty of opinion we need more acceptance of the role of the onion in our social and political life.

To get to the central truth we must peel back layer after layer . As with an onion this peeling can lead to tears , sometimes rapid and painful tears . Yet keep peeling away to the truth at the centre it will always appear, and the tears do eventually stop.

Peel the layers for our ever revealing truths. Let’s cry and grow together .