Twitter Preaching : #JordanBPeterson we must be with you for Free Speech .

Twitter Preaching

My how the gods are laughing

At the silence that many are planning

The walls they will be building

Twitter Preaching

Are you listening?

Do you actually know who is singing ?

Free Speech wars seem crazy

And yet even for those who are lazy

A clear blue sky can turn hazy

Twitter Preaching

Are you hearing ?

Do you actually know what you fear you are fearing ?

I get on my knees and pray

For him her they

And to all of humanity I,

A white western male say:

Never silence debate

With ideological generalisations

Lest you seal our own fate

Too late for light bulb realisations

Of peace

Of truth

Of harmony

Of cooperation;

Please get on your knees

and look inside yourself :

For ever revealing truth

Free Speech please forever

Not a Twitter Preach to deliver

Our common truths

Our thinking truths

Our questioning truths

If we take away these truths it is insanity

And remarkably we may just destroy humanity

Before the planet shows us. its truths.