Luck is like internet connection, here is how to turn it on anytime anywhere

What you call as ‘luck’ is actually your inner power. You can use it anytime anywhere to get anything from the universe just the way you use internet connection to download anything from internet.

Sometimes you get something in life without any struggle. You call it luck.

You call it luck because you feel you have no control over it; it just happens. In ancient Indian science of Yoga, it’s called inner power, not luck. And you can have full control over it. You can summon it anytime anywhere.

Your inner power is like internet on your phone.

When you turn on internet, all the digital things of the entire world — videos, music, web pages, games, files etc. — comes to your fingertips. You can download any digital thing you want.

When you turn on your inner power, all the actual things of the entire world — people, objects, circumstances — come in your reach. You can get anything you want.

Those who know computers know that the digital things — videos, music, web pages, apps, programs etc. — can be represented by a combination of just two digits: 0 and 1 which is called a Binary Code. Those who know Yogic science know that actual things –people, objects, circumstances — can be represented by a combination of just 5 elements which are called ‘Panch Tattvas’ or ‘Panch Bhootas’.

So in Yogic science, anything you want in life is just a combination of 5 elements, and your inner power can attract it in your life. You can ‘download’ actual things and circumstances from the universe, just the way you download digital things from internet.

This ‘inner power’ is in everyone. It is in you as well as in a Himalayan Yogi. Then why are you not able to use it even to solve day-to-day problems while a Yogi can even defeat death using it?

The reason is ‘Virus’ or unnecessary apps that hang your phone.

There are many apps in your smartphone. You use these apps to download stuff and do things that interest you. A virus is also like a small app/software. But it does things on your phone without your permission. It downloads unnecessary and harmful stuff on your device and eventually chokes it.

Same is the case with your mind. Using inner power, your mind can download anything you want from universe. But there are viruses/unnecessary apps inside your mind which keep downloading things without your control or permission. They ‘download’ (attract) circumstances that you don’t like, people that harm you, things that you hate and so on. Result? You feel that you have no control over your life.

If you can disable a virus app even for some time, you will see good things happening in your life. If you can neutralize all the virus apps, you can do ‘miracles’ that Himalayan Yogis do.

This virus-cleaning starts with the realization that you are not a body, you are not a mind; Your body-mind is just a device you are using to surf this universe. You are something higher.

If this realization has happened in you, there is a simple technique to start cleaning viruses. Before going to sleep, just read chapter 1 (the alternate mother) and chapter 3 (Describing the Indescribable) of Immortal Talks- Book 1. You will wake up with some of the viruses neutralized; you will wake up ‘lucky’ and good things will start downloading in your life. If you can’t do this everyday, do it before some important event of your life.

If you haven’t read this book yet, first you need to read it full. It is a small book with just 6 chapters full of highly engrossing stories. After reading it 2–3 times you will know which chapters are working on your mind. For most people chapter 1 and chapter 3 do the cleaning.

Screenshot from Amazon page of this book:

Immortal Talks- Book 1 : This book starts with two monks secretly observing a group of tribal people in a forested mountain. It appeared that the jungle dwellers were talking to something that was visible for them but invisible for everyone else. Any rational mind would reject their activities as hallucination, but the monks studied them and discovered the talks between an immortal and His secret disciples; the talks that revealed the mysteries of life and secrets of godly powers; the talks that examined the nature of Reality, Karma, Desire, Soul, Destiny, Death, Time, and Space; the talks that described the indescribable; the Immortal Talks.

The author name is ‘Shunya’ which means ‘nothingness’ or ‘emptiness’ because this book is authored by monks who don’t identify themselves with any name.