The secret to receive Sai Baba’s miracles in your life in 3 minutes

You can do this anytime but it’s even more powerful if you do this before going to sleep

Somewhere in south India, a devotee named Mrs. Bhanu is praying to Sai Baba.

Baba can see the Karma her soul has accumulated. Baba can see which Karma are creating problems in her life, and which Karma are creating happiness.

Karma are like seeds hidden in the depths of your soul. These seeds are waiting for the right time to grow into trees. Some will grow into poisonous trees that will give you problems. Some will grow into good trees that will give you fruits of success, prosperity and happiness.

It’s very important to destroy the bad seeds so that they don’t grow into problems for you in future. And if they’ve already grown into problems, they must be rooted out.

Mrs. Bhanu has some bad Karma that are already creating obstacles in her life. To resolve her problems and fulfill her wishes, Baba asks only this: “Surrender all your Karma to me. I will destroy the bad ones and keep the good ones. ”

“I surrender everything to you Baba. Everything that belongs to me is yours.” Mrs. Bhanu keeps murmuring these words regularly.

But Karma are sticky. They can’t be surrendered merely by thinking or murmuring some words. They are attached to our souls like our hands are attached to our bodies.

And Karma keep growing. We’re accumulating new Karma everyday through our actions. So they need to be surrendered and cleaned on a regular basis.

To surrender Karma to Baba, you’ve to develop full detachment at least for three minutes. You’ve to become like a monk or ascetic for three minutes.

When Baba was living in His mortal form, He could develop this detachment in devotees merely by speaking a few words to them. Just 3 minutes of detachment was enough for Baba to perform biggest miracles.

In the modern times, it’s very difficult to develop detachment. Many devotees fail to give Baba the only thing He asks from us: 3 minutes of detachment so that He can clean our Karma and perform miracles that we desperately need.

There is a powerful method to develop instant detachment. No matter how disturbed and distracted your mind is, this method can make you detached from everything for 3 minutes. It’s even more powerful if you do this before going to sleep:

Imagine that you’re in a small jungle village. A group of ancient-looking people are gathered around a divine power that your eyes can’t see.

This is very important: “a divine power that your eyes can’t see.” You have to realize the limitation of your eyes and other senses that keep you attached to mortal world.

The ancient-looking people call this power their “immortal Guru” who is telling them secret stories.

These are total six powerful stories. You can read them all and then see which one works best for you. Then you can rewind that story in your mind before going to sleep. While rewinding the story, you’ve to imagine that you’re sitting in a jungle village with ancient people listening to the immortal Guru.

It will make your soul completely detached from external world for a few minutes. In those few minutes of detachment, your soul will surrender your Karma to Baba and he will destroy the bad Karma that are creating obstacles in your life.

These six stories come in the form of a rare and small book called ‘Immortal Talks’. It’s difficult to get this book in any store. If you’re in India, Amazon has few copies available right now. You can purchase on the following link:

If you’re not lucky enough to get paperback book, you can get digital book on Kindle app. Read it to create 3 minute of detachment that will allow Baba to create miracles in your life.

Om Sai Ram.