When Sai Baba gave a secret of wish fulfillment only for true devotees

To prevent misuse, Baba told this in such a way that only true devotees will understand this.

It was sometime in year 1910. Cholera outbreak was at its peak in the villages nearby Shirdi. When it started affecting Baba’s devotees in Shirdi, Baba taught them a technique which kept Cholera away from Shirdi. This technique can help devotees create miracles in their lives and lives of their loved ones.

It is an ancient mystic technique. Seekers do penance for years to learn it, but Baba taught it in such a simple way that even householders could use it easily and effectively. Baba taught it using the example of a hand mill which grinds grain.

The basic principle behind this technique is that whatever you wish or desire is already there in this universe. You just have to attract it in your life using this technique.

How to attract? Just go to “Yogic Sleep”, when you wake up, you will find your wish come true.

Even if you go to “Yogic Sleep” for one second, it can create miracles in your life.

Going in “Yogic Sleep” is like grinding grains in the hand mill. What are these grains you need to grind?

Suppose there is a person who has hurt you in the past. If he/she comes in front of your eyes, you will feel an emotion: Maybe anger, pain etc. Why? Because there is some information or memory stored inside you which says, ‘This person has hurt me in the past.’ If we remove that information or memory, you will not feel any emotion towards that person. He/she will be just a stranger for you.

Suppose there is a mango in front of your eyes. How do you know that it is a Mango and not something else? Because there is an information stored inside you which says, ‘If an object has such and such color, such and such smell, such and such shape, then it is Mango.’ If this information is removed, you will not be able to identify the Mango.

Similarly there are millions of ‘grains’ of information stored inside you which help you experience the outside world and live your life. This information is also called your ‘Karmic Memory’ or simply ‘Karma’.

If you grind all these ‘grains’ of Karma even for a second, there will be no thought, no emotion, no activity. Everything will come to a standstill. You will go into ‘Yogic’ sleep. When you come back to awakened state, you will get what you had desired before going to ‘Yogic sleep’.

If Baba asks you to bring wheat grains for His hand mill, you can go to your kitchen or your store room and bring the grains.

But if Baba asks you to bring your ‘Karma’ grains, where will you bring them from? To bring ‘Karma’ grains, you have to go inward… You need to go for an inner journey of 6 hours.

This inner journey starts from the city of Toronto, Canada where a rich man is coming back home from his son’s funeral. He sees a monkey-like figure flying over a car that was running alongside his car. He blinks and that figure disappears. Was that real or a trick of light?

What exactly is real and what is unreal? These questions finally take him to a forested mountain where he meets some tribal people who are talking to something that is visible only to them. He finds out that there is an immortal Yogi called Lord Hanuman who is roaming the Earth since many centuries. That Yogi talks to His secret disciples living secretly in the jungle. These are no ordinary talks. These are immortal talks.

You can take up this 6 hour journey by reading the Immortal Talks- Book 1. Its a very small book. It hardly takes 6 hours. These interesting stories don’t preach anything. They take you to a meditative journey.

Every time you undertake this 6 hour journey, you will bring some grains of Karma for Baba to grind them. Once enough ‘Karma’ grains are grinded, you will experience the “Yogic Sleep”. Even a moment of ‘Yogic sleep’ can create miracles in your life.

Sadly, this small but rare book is not available in any store. As of today, few copies seem to be available on Amazon India, and digital version seem to be available on Kindle worldwide. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/8193305205

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