Are you suggesting you spend zero time on leisure?
Steve Gardner

I think we need to re-evaluate our definition and need for what we deem as fun. In the ancient days and even today man killed for sport and that he considered entertainment. Man thought it was entertaining to watch men rumble with beasts. Today there are others who think strip clubs are entertaining. My point is that most of the things man thinks are fun are really uncivilized. I used extreme examples but I could just have simply used gaming or organized sports. These things are doing nothing for the growth of the mind.

I do not say man should work and not play. That would be an extreme.

My issue lies with what man is doing for fun and how fun seems to be a total escape from reality. Man has “ fun” so he doesn’t have to deal with himself or the many problems of his world. Most things man is doing for fun is absolute buffoonery.

However there are things that man can do to positively stimulate his mind to grow that can also serve as entertainment. This entertainment will evolve the mind. This is a different kind of fun that engages man in a totally new way. This is activity that can advance his mind.

As of now man is not using the part of his brain that engages it in strategy, problem solving, patience, stamina or creativity. Man is playing games that dull the mind and strengthen the body. Man needs to give his mind a challenge. I’m not sure that you people understand how serious this is. Having fun is defined in many ways however most are destructive to the intellectual development of man.

Before reading my commentary you probably weren’t thinking on such a level. The reality is that things are not as innocent as they seem. There is always more than meets the eye. If the human mind is not properly stimulated it will atrophied. This is happening now. The mind is not just the brain in the physical sense. It is the entire composition of man and it must be intellectually stimulated in order to empower it.