77. The fun-shaming must stop!
Claus Raasted

The world is in shambles. Terror attacks everywhere and you are writing about this? We don’t need to have fun we need to get serious. Life is not a joke. By the way..a grown man dressed as “ My Little Pony “ can’t even be trusted let alone taken seriously. If you want people to respect you and treat you like an adult then you must conduct yourself as such. As adults we are the models for our children. Children respect adults who know how to conduct themselves accordingly. They hold them in higher esteem.

But if you don’t care about conduct then be my guest act like a fool. But expect to be put to shame. There are stages in life and nobody remains a child forever. That’s why people such as yourself are being put to shame. It is because you refuse to grow up. We are living in a time where adults are needed more than ever. We don’t need games, parties, comicons and video games. This is not the time to act like a Buffoon. Life is very serious.