Day one of your Spiritual Journey.

Pursuing your spiritual destiny is a big commitment. We all have purpose, all meaningful, all different, and all just as important. Day one is the day you recognize you have something more inside of you that needs to come out, something special. Come prepared, in mind in body in spirit. Timing comes from the divine and is always perfect. We have so much to do here on earth and a small amount of time to do it. This being said let’s get to it. If you’ve questioned your purpose, you’re on the right track. “What is all of this, what is the point, what are we here to do?” Let me be the messenger here.

You have purpose.

But you have to find it in the big, confusing world we live in. I got tired of just trying to get through each day. I had to find something more or I was going to lose my mind. I have been to the darkest parts of my soul, I’ve been through a lot and I know you have too. When you come back from a dark place you have new perspective, a new light. Use this light to shine on others in a dark world. That light will always lead you in the right direction. Trust it.

Find your purpose.

Let’s go back to childhood. What made happy? What were your dreams? Why did you let them go or move on? I believe as children we know what truly makes our heart happy. Go back to that. Always remember this journey is about you and only you. We’re just souls. The purpose of this life is to love and do what you can to help others. Sometimes we get so complicated in human form.

Death will come for all of us one day, we need to live, live right here right now and make something meaningful.

Make your soul happy.