Seven tips to creating a better you.

As I give you these steps I am simultaneously talking to myself also, we can all make improvements upon ourselves so if you’re perfect maybe this isn’t for you.

Tip one: Stop ignoring things that bother you.

First off I mean this mentally, we have to learn that suppressing your emotions is not getting over it. Two years ago I was diagnosed with server depression. I was on an antidepressant that I can firmly say almost ruined my life. Being numb to any type of emotion is a horrible way to live. This isn’t to argue what causes depression this is to say I was in a bad place from constantly suppressing my feelings and refusing to bring them to the surface. I also mean this physically. When you have chronic pain in any area of your body you need to listen. Coming from someone who doesn’t have insurance I understand money makes this hard but I’m telling you find a way, or make a way. Chronic pain creates a constant negativity in your life.

Tip two: Give time to yourself.

You deserve to have enough time during the day to just be still, to sit, to read, to think. You deserve that. Life is busy I get it but do not forget about you. Let me also say I mean this in a way of giving yourself enough time to be mentally and physically prepared for your day. Rushing is killing us. Stress is killing us. Waking up a few minutes early to not have to rush is something we could all do to make our day a little less hectic. I know I am one of those people.

Tip three: Get rid of negative friends.

This is so much easier said than done. I’ll be the first to say that I’ve had people in my life who I love but I could not have them in my life. Constant anger and negativity can easily be transmitted through the people you hang around, be cautious.

Tip four: Be happy for others.

When someone you love, be that a family member or a friend is happy you need to be happy for them. Even if you wouldn’t necessarily make that decision we can always be supportive. Be happy for your friend who has everything you want. Be happy for your cousin getting married, even if you’re hopelessly single. Be happy for happy couples even if your relationship is a mess. A beautiful soul can always be happy for others. Your time will come.

Tip five: Stop putting it off.

This is a big one. We all do it, procrastination is ruining our quality of life. Stress about stress of stressing… I learn this more and more everyday. Just get it done. It always feels good when you get something done so why do we put things off? For me I severe anxiety. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but I am working to help myself everyday because I deserve it and so do you.

Tip six: Trust your gut.

Humans make things so much harder than they trust have to be sometimes….When your instinct tells you something don’t disregard that. You are not crazy. Being in tune with your spirit and trusting yourself all comes back around to create a better you.

Tip seven: Stop being so damn hard on yourself.

We always think we can do more but most of use are at capacity. You are doing enough. Be kinder to yourself. This is the last thought I want to leave you with. If you are doing all you can then you are in the right place. Trust yourself. Trust timing. Trust that you are doing everything you can and everything will be okay.