SpiroVerse: Gaia, Balance, Equality, Evolution

The Truth of SpiroVerse

In Greek Mythology, Gaia is the earth, the wife of Uranus. Earth is an organism, a singular entity, and in balance. Humanity is not merely a passenger, but a contributing factor to Gaia’s equilibrium.

This has become the view of Artem Spiridonov.

Born in 1991 in Khavarovsk, Eastern Russia to an airline pilot and a pharmacist, this only child grew up with an endless curiosity about all things technical and geographical. The DNA made its calling and the Pilot School received who would soon become one of the country’s youngest airline pilots.

Having mastered the technical, Artem embarked on a quest to learn the physical and the spiritual. Enrolling in the Plant Based Nutrition Academy of Los Angeles, he arrived at the conclusion that our diet is a major element in an all-encompassing approach to preventative health. And that a plant-based lifestyle provides not only a clean supply of nutrients, but is also a far more balanced and ethical form of nutrition, efficient on land-conservation, and tasty.

Throughout meandering and musing; business and hardship, Artem’s development has had its share of disappointments. The greed of partners dissolved relationships, imbalance of power rendered him frail. Like any of us, we carry the baggage of our personal history, and we put up barriers and shields. Until the kernel of an idea, the husk of a philosophy, the doodle, bloomed into a full picture.

The Transformation Process


The experience of traveling from Nepal to Vancouver, from Bhutan to Cape Town, from Lagos to Shanghai, shaped his view of our prevalent healthcare system. Or rather, healthcare business. Whether healthcare is administered by governmental bodies or private institutions, there are too many common denominators that render them both inefficient, as well as insufficient. These are:

For every healthcare system the subject, the human, you and I, are either healthy or sick. And their definition of healthy is, rather amusingly, “not being sick”. Thus, their concept extends no further than observing the symptoms, analyzing the vitals and designing a course of action to address the problem. Once the person returns to the “non-sick” status, the healthcare system ticks the box and moves on. Meanwhile, there is very little interest or investigation into what was that which switched us from our Zero state of “Healthy”, to a Negative 1 state of “Sick”.

It may be administered by a private institution. Or it could be a government-sponsored program. It may be a mixture of the two. However, what it is, in all cases, is a business. With suppliers, manufacturers, logistics, budgets, operators, and facilities. Some may seek profit, some may attempt to operate within budget. All are an economic enterprise that sells a product: the absence of disease. And as with any business, the need to maximize profit, guarantee a returning client and keep operating costs to a minimum, is the prime directive.

As such, no healthcare system ever attempts to go beyond the Zero state to a Plus 1 state of happiness, balance, nutritional wellbeing, healthy habits, all the things that would prevent us from falling sick in the first place. This needs to change.

At the outskirts of the Healthcare industry lies the Wellness realm. Identifying the gaps, there is a whole set of para-pharmaceutical strategies that focus on what our innate vanity requires. Cheapening our humanity, this advertising industry exploits our insecurities and sells beauty as attractiveness, fitness as health, and anti-ageing as youth. With it being difficult to monetize, a focus on happiness and self-development, on mentoring, and sharing, on the search for unmatched synergy, are discouraged.

Soon we shall delve more deeply into the details of what SpiroVerse’s approach to healthcare aims to achieve. One that takes advantage of existing healthcare and supplements it with the needs of the mind and spirit, and the synergy of body, and soul working together from the inside to maintain not only health, but self-realization and fulfilment.



For Souls Who Wander

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