You feel silenced.
Anna Louise Peterson

As a woman who was raped at the ripe age of fourteen, I must say, this is truly next level victim strats. Nobody needs safe spaces anywhere. Women are not second class citizens and are not treated as such. Nobody has a right to free health care (and that includes birth control and abortions). Women are not silenced, stopped spreading lies. You “feminists” are the ONLY group who have ever made me feel unequal and silenced. Never have I had men talk to me the way feminists have (that literally includes a rapist fyi). Get your shit together, get it alll together and do something with it because I’m sick of these dumb ass things. If you need a safe space, stay in your bedroom with the door locked. Pathetic. Some people actually work through their issues and overcome them, but here you are keeping women down by insisting we need safe spaces. Disgusting.

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