Ransomware: they encrypt the systems of the Port of Lisbon and ask for almost 1.5 million euros

The Lockbit ransomware group asks for almost 1.5 million euros to return critical information from the Lisbon Port Administration. The data was encrypted about two weeks ago.

Among the encrypted information there is data that includes information from workers and clients, financial reports, contracts and electronic correspondence, among others, and they set a limit of January 18.

Ransomware is a type of virus that makes information inaccessible in order to demand a ransom in exchange. Its name is an acronym for “data rescue program” : ransom in English means ransom, and ware is a shortening of the well-known word software: a data ransomware program. Ransomware is a subtype of malware, an acronym for “malicious software.”

The local press in Portugal added that the cybercriminals threatened to disclose the extracted documentation in the event that they do not receive payment.

The Board of Directors of the Port of Lisbon (the main maritime transport terminal in Portugal) recently acknowledged in a statement that on December 25 it was the victim of a computer attack and that security protocols were “quickly” activated, “being guaranteed the operational activity”.

The entity added that the case has the support of the National Cybersecurity Center and the Portuguese Judicial Police “to guarantee the security of the systems and their data.”

Still, he acknowledged that some service limitations could occur in the following days.

It is not the first time that the country has suffered problems related to cybercrime. Portugal has registered in 2022 computer attacks against different institutions, such as Vodafone Portugal, the TAP airline, the Impresa group, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Lusa news agency and the MC firm of the Portuguese multinational Sonae, among others.

Lockbit, one of the biggest bands



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