Sidebar about humanity and absurdism: If absurdism is the belief that we as humans need to find out own meaning in an absurd universe. Then that would put nature and the universe squarely in the absurd, and humanity’s ideas, constructs, and institutions into normality. But shouldn’t it be the other way around?(I guess this is related to your story) Isn’t humanity absurd? I mean we are the ones who try and add all this meaning to things that never wanted nor needed any. Also the universe, and even just life on earth, has existed just fine without us going around being like “Oh wow my third wife’s fourth child survived after Fred got eaten by that lion last week. Must be a superbeing chilln’ in the clouds telling me how he wants shit done… ‘Hey George! I found something REALLY cool over the next ridge. If you bring it back I’ll give you some grain -and I KNOW how much you love grain!-’ ” or like “Oh boy here I go working at JOBPLACE™... Again, for the 6457th consecutive day. I love it here! It’s a place where you can maintain tons of polite relationships, where instead of increasing the odds of survival or realizing that we are all we have in an otherwise cold and unforgiving universe, they only exist to move higher up the social hierarchy. Which reminds me Todd has been bribing our task master. Who makes sure we are making JOBPLACE™ more numbers then the numbers we receive that we can exchange for JOBPLACE™ FOODITEM™s. ‘Why don’t you just stab me in the back Todd? Ha *light jabs to Todd’s abdomen* you know I am joking because of the tone of my voice. The undertone and my body language on the other hand would have you believe that I an rather furious. I can assure you that our working relationship is not at risk. Do not try to deduce my desire to strangle you and dispose of your body in the nearby body of water. For if I did, I would surly be ostracized from society. To remedy this exchange, would you care to join me for a poisonous substance that we consume in pleasure due to its ability to reveal a more animal nature that we, as professionals, require due to societies expectation that we suppress our biological functions?’ I never did see Todd again… Task master did give ME more numbers! Now I have joined a smaller percentage of the human population due to my increased number! If only the bigger percentage of the population could work as hard as I have to move them out of their near feudal living conditions. It’s not like the people in the even smaller percentage that has even bigger numbers(#goals) actively work to continue this system as it is.”. Oh man talk about a run-on sentence.
Would you classify this as “Absurdist”?
Hargobind Atwal

This is an amazing anecdote and commentary on absurdism. Although I wouldn’t classify the dragon story as absurdism, myself. I think it’s more like parody of fairy tale tropes?

Sidenote, JOBPLACE is where I work.