Ways to have fun in a water park

If you think that you can have fun in water parks only in summers, then think again, in Splash Cincinnati Indoor Water Parks fun never stops even in snow, chilly winters. From indoor slides to games, Splash water park offers countless ways to have fun with your friends and family.

Description: Such is the magic of Splash Cincinnati with an area of 50,000 square feet indoor water park, decorated with palm trees, bright colors, arcade games, splashes of peasant water, and a year-round 84-degree climate. Experience the fun, with our four-story Water Slide, private party rooms, and a thrilling video arcade.

Splash indoor water park are fun for everyone from kids to adults. When it’s chilling cold outside, you can choose to sit at home or have a good time at a warm indoor Water Parks. Be it your Birthday Party or family/friends get together, here are the few ways to maximize your fun at Splash

Waterfall Slides

Quick and contorting open-air madness. Once you hop in, you are the ultimate adventure and fun. You won’t know what lies at the end of waterfall racers. Make a wager and jump into the leniency of the waterfall racers.

Treasure Hunt

The best way is to make a plan with family and friends ahead of time and devise a treasure hunt where someone makes and hides clues that lead you from one amazing water park activity to the next. Don’t forget to take pictures with your waterproof camera.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can add a lot of run to your visit. You will need, a water park map, add few twists by mixing up the Water Slide based on their difficulty level, a person to click pictures and give clues. Plan in advance on what everyone will be looking for, blond father and son, red hair, matching swimsuit set, etc. Start with the first slide, the Guardian or moderator who’s clicking the pictures gives the next clue after completing the first slide and so on.

Who’s Scared

After all thrilling games and adventures, relax at the sunrise cafe and check out the pictures taken after every game and find out Who’s scared in most of the pictures and who is the bravest of all.

Author bio: Splash Cincinnati Indoor Water Park with an area of 50,000 square feet is full of palm trees, splashes of bright colors, and a year-round 84-degree climate. Make the most of your indoor water adventure with four-story water slides, private party rooms, and exciting Arcade Games.