Land-based solar arrays require large amounts of space and frequent cleaning, which can present industries with a variety of challenges for adopting traditional solar panel installations.

However, with advantages such as reducing the complexity of permitting and environmental compliance, eliminating costly and invasive rooftop installations and preserving land acreage for other valuable uses, floating solar allows industries to avoid common barriers associated with more traditional solar power systems.

The benefits associated with floating solar also make it easy to get into power generation that’s already often cheaper than the status quo. …

Just off of Florida’s Gulf Coast lies one of the most well known harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the nation, which occurs nearly every summer. This bloom, like many HABs, is caused by microscopic algae that produce toxins, killing fish and making shellfish dangerous to eat. What’s more, the toxins also create serious air quality issues for areas downwind of affected water bodies.

Though human illnesses caused by HABs are rare, they affect both the health of people and marine ecosystems as well as the “health” of local and regional economies. …

While the majority of installed floating solar systems are located outside of the U.S., certain markets in the U.S. are showing an increasing interest in installing this innovative solar technology. For example, of the floating photovoltaic (FPV), or “floatovoltaic,” installations now in existence in the country, most are at wineries in California and water treatment facilities. This includes the Far Niente Winery in Oakville, California — the first vineyard to implement floating solar technology.

In 2008, the floating solar arrays applied at Far Niente Winery were the first-of-its-kind to prove how other vineyards can benefit from embracing this new kind of solar power. …


Splash Floating Solar

The Next Wave in Energy Independence

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